Sunday, November 30, 2008

The End!

Super long weekend review OR review of the super long weekend. Either one.

We left Thursday morning early and drove up to Salt Lake. We started out at Grandma Thomas'es house. We played with babies and my cousins kids and then ate a great meal with all of my Thomas family relatives. It was very nice to see them. It has been a long time. Then, we drove to Alexa's house and ate our second Thanksgiving dinner. It was gourmet and delicious, of course. I personally loved the mushroom stuffing and the truffles shaved on top. Mmmm, Good! We hung out with S and E and Grandma and Papa Perotti. They all had fun playing with Rome. Next, we headed off to Park City to spend the night with my parents. They came home and watched movies with us. I stayed upstairs and put together puzzles with Jenny. It became hilarious because I was so tired that delirium was setting in and I could not find anything. It did not help that Jen mixed 10 puzzles together. Yea.
Friday we got up early. Mostly because Rome did not sleep and decided to get up early. Yea, just what I wanted! Grandma finally came to take him and we got an extra half hour of sleep. Then, we had to get up and get ready for our pictures. Annie came up to Park City to do our photo shoot. I was very impressed that she found good backgrounds at my parents house. It is not that I don't like it, it is just well used.. I mean loved. Rome was a stinker. He was still tired and grumpy and did not smile at all. Oh well, not much we could have done. I am super excited to see what she got. Ooh, I Love Pictures! Then, I went to the outlets for some super great Black Friday deals. Cam came with me and was the best shopping helper. We left for Salt Lake again and Rome stayed with Grandma. I dropped off Josh at Alexa's and picked up Lyndsey and we went to see Twilight with Lacey. I liked it, but I am not a super crazy fan. I had a serious and thought out review, but I forgot it. Pooh. Anyway, it was nice to have a girls day activity. Afterwards, we met Chase to switch cars and babies. Then we went back to Alexa's and got ready for dinner. Rome stayed with S and E and thier babysitter Ann. The rest of us went out for sushi at a great place that Alexa and Andre know. It was good and very gourmet. They had very unique flavors and interesting kinds of sushi. We went back to the house and watched a funny show. (I don't know what it was, I went to sleep early)
Saturday we tried to sleep in. Rome made it until 7 am. We got up and Alexa made excellent french toast out of cinamon bread and really good eggs. I think I need to ask her how she made them. They were really tasty and I don't really like eggs. We played with S and E and went in the hot tub. Josh taught them about stinky bubbles. Such a boy... We got dressed and met our friend Angela and her son at the Spaghetti Factory for lunch. It was nice to see her and catch up. Finally, we drove home to CO.

What a great long weekend! I am so glad we could see and visit with so many family and friends in Salt Lake. Sorry, no pics yet. Maybe next week.

An this is The End of NaBloPoMo!

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Brean said...

I am so glad that you had such a good weekend! Sounds like you have a lot of good babysitters!