Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Ducky

Rome loves his bath! Lately he wants to sit up and see everything, so I got out his big boy bathtub. It is a big yellow ducky and it even quacks! (Thanks Brean and Fam!) He loved it! He could play with his toys and splash and still see everything. I like it too because I am not so afraid of him slipping and falling while he is sitting up. (I am sitting right next to him, but I worry.) If he does fall over, he just bounces on the side of the ducky and sits back up. It is great!


Jana said...

That's pretty much the most awesomest bathtub ever! I love love it!! He is cuh-ute!

ivyk said...

Jocie my friend -
Thanks for your frequent wonderful notes on my blog. Yours is absolutely darling. What a beautiful family:)