Friday, November 16, 2012


We had a lot of chickens last spring. I think we had 12. We got a dozen eggs every day. Ugh. Then, some animal came and ate them all. Our neighbor's chickens too. It was sad. So we got some of the last batch of chicks for the season. 4 Dominiques, who are black and white, and 3 Blue Cochins, who are kinda gray with lots of fluffy feathers, even on their feet. They are getting pretty big now and are almost old enough to lay eggs.
Then, Josh wanted some roosters. Okaaay. He found a listing for 6 free ones. So, we picked those up too. They are mixed breeds and mostly Bantams, which are smaller than normal size. 
They are pretty cute and have tiny voices. "ooo--oo-oo--oooo-ah!" They try to mount the bigger chickens which is entertaining because they are little. I think they are pretty, and they are pretty nice, which is lucky for them.
 Feeding time
 Colorful rooster and fluffy butt, ha ha!
  Rome likes to chase and catch them.
3 of the roosters are a special kind. Naked nick silkies. They just look ridiculous!
Yea, Josh found another ad for free hens yesterday. 14 of them. He picked them up today. Oh My Goodness. Now, we have; wait, I need a calculator; 27 chickens! I am pretty sure that is not allowed. Eh, if someone complains we will have a chicken feast.
I just used the last of our eggs. (for brownies) I don't want to think of how many eggs we will be getting soon. Have I mentioned that I don't like eggs and Capri is allergic? Special, right. I know, but it makes Josh happy. If he takes care of them, then I don't care too much. Until I have no room for food because of the dozens of eggs in the fridge. Oy! 
So, If you need eggs, please come by! Fresh and delicious!

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Chad, Mindy and girls said...

Wowzers! That is a LOT of chickens! I didn't even know you had any :) Don't laugh, but I will totally take you up on those eggs...yes, we have chickens, but we don't get enough eggs to keep up with our little family!