Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rome is Four

I did a post on Capri and Turino.
I thought Rome needed one too.
I take pictures of him, but it is hard to capture his personality.
He is kind of a spaz, but maybe that is just four year old boy.

"take a picture of me sad"
"cheese" face
Shooting his sister, what are brothers for?
Balancing act on the car...?
Kitchen helper, when dessert is involved
His cars watching a movie. He was really proud of it.
Riding in the boat.
Being a Bad Pirate
His idea to build a fort.
My Buddy!
He has teeth like a bear, see.
A pretty normal picture.
Sticker mania, he must use every one.
He finally swam by himself!
AND had fun on the tube. Although he kept requesting to go slow.
No, he is not 3. He just does that.
Pirates and Popsicles
Who says boys can't accessorize?
"schoo!" (He does his own theme music too)
He loves Preschool, most days, but hates leaving Mommy.
He got to be a cowboy on the Preschool Float in a Parade!
He started drawing his OWN pictures. I am so proud!
(it took a lot of convincing that he could do it himself)
Grapes...boys. *sigh*
If you can't tell, that is a broccoli. He wanted his favorite color green.
The other side has a Pirate flag.
I can hardly believe he is so big. He is such a good helper and can do so many things when asked. Like pick up his plate, get things out, put things away, get himself dressed, and help Capri.
He Loves Mommy, but now gets to do things with just him and Daddy.
He loves movies, cars, swords, pirates, dressing up and now coloring.
I love that he can entertain himself just coloring and doing stickers.
He still fights with his sister and pulls attitude, but really he is such a good kid!
We love you Rome!

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