Saturday, November 24, 2012


I have been out of town all week. I missed posting and I don't feel bad about it. It is my Birthday on Sunday and I have been celebrating all week. Well, not really, just relaxing, but with three little kids that is just like celebrating.
Anyway, I have been at Grandma's house in Park City. I have driven I-80 to Park City hundreds of times. I thought it was pretty cool when they added another lane to the canyon. It gets backed up with slow trucks at the steepest part right before the top.
This is about the roadsign they put there.
You see, right after you go over the top of the hill and start to go down into the Park City "valley" the road goes back down to three lanes instead of four. Not a big deal. They have a sign to tell you this. But, the sign shows the lane merging on the left and the lane actually merges on the right. I have had at least three close calls and one semi trying to squish me because I moved to the right instead of to the left. I don't remember every month or so when I drive up that the sign is wrong. I shouldn't have to.
Stinky UDOT. Fix your sign.

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