Monday, November 5, 2012


Did I miss another day again? Man, they just keep coming!
Well, we are back home today so maybe some pictures next time.
Tonight, however, you get some stories. The first is by Capri.

We go to the library,
   on the boat.
Shh! Have t'be quiet.
Somebody sleeeeping.
Burino sleeping.  (baby Turino)
Rome stay home,
   and got a cake.
But not his cake,
   Daddy's cake.
(telling Rome) "not your cake! Daddy cake!"

I am pretty sure it is about last Thursday when Daddy took her to the library and they had to be quiet and while they were there, Rome helped me make a cake. I don't know why it was Daddy's cake though.

Rome's Story
There was a witch.
And she was flying.
The she turned into a bird.
It was Halloween.
I wish it was my Halloween.
Then you have to draw a round and round.
Like a circle to race and the cars were racing on that.
And the cars win-ded.

Pretty good.

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Chad, Mindy and girls said...

So cute! Love toddler stories :)