Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ridiculous Dessert

I was craving chocolate after the pathetic, no-chocolate, trick-or-treating night.
I thought cake sounded good.
I wanted to try something new. Like always.
Saw a can of pumpkin on my shelf.
I bought it for a recipe I saw on Pinterest.
A Hungry Girl recipe Here.
(I have tried the Devil's Food and greek yogurt and it is Uber-delicious!)
I used the Devil's Food Cake mix and canned pumpkin recipe.
It only took 35 minutes to mix and bake.
Then, I thought it needed frosting.
Enter Pinterest again.
I wanted to try Magical Frosting, aka Cooked Frosting.
At first I planned on making it while the cake baked, but I had so many dishes that I had to wash them first before I could cook anything else. It took longer than 35 minutes.
I started cooking the frosting at 9:30.
It took a LOT longer than they said it would.
I put it in the fridge to cool faster than the hour the recipe suggested at 9:55.
I let it cool for 40 minutes.
Then I whipped it with the butter.
I was in a hurry by then and really tired. 
I didn't even scrape the bowl. There were still some butter chunks.
I did not add the extra melted chocolate.
We ate cake at 11 pm. which up until last Sat. was midnight.
The cake was okay on its own. Moist but slightly pumpkin tasting.
The frosting was fluffy and mildly chocolaty.
Together they were really good.
I just wanted a simple and fast cake...
and then I made complicated frosting that took 2 hours.

After thought:
I was not very impressed with the frosting for the amount of time it took.
I didn't frost the whole cake because it warned that it might separate.
I kept it on the counter instead of in the fridge.
Then, I tasted it today and started eating it with a spoon.
I had to frost the cake quickly, before I ate it all.
It is just so Fluffy!
(Who is gonna get that movie reference?)

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