Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have been meaning to do a post like this since we moved into our new house. That was a year and a half ago. Wow, it has been a long time. So, these are a few of my favorite things about our house, and a couple other things too.
Yes, this is my dirty sink. But, it is an awesome sink. It can seriously hold almost all of our dishes. I never knew I was missing out on a really deep sink. Now, I do. 
This is my dirty sink faucet. I love it,
because it does this and it sprays too. 
(sorry for the awful pictures, I was holding a baby)
This is the instant hot water on my sink. Hot chocolate in 5 seconds? Yes, please and Thank you!
And to round out the tour of my dirty kitchen, my dishwasher. It goes all the way to the floor and holds all of my dishes and then some.  I think I only wash dishes once or twice a week because it holds so much.
This is on the other side of the kitchen. It is my pretty dish cabinet. Did I need one? No, but it is really nice to have. Don't they look pretty?
This is my craft room/ office/ guest room. It is where I go to hidecheck facebook, browse Pinterest, craft and sew.
Okay, so this one is odd. It is my bathroom fan. (dirty of course) I must explain. In my other house, the walls were so thin that when I would shower, I could still hear babies crying. Which meant that I would exit the shower and immediately get sticky wet again. (breastfeeding mothers, you understand) Yuck. Well, here, we have solid wood doors and a super loud bathroom fan. Which means I take a shower, turn it on and have 10 minutes of peace to dry off get dressed and get ready while not hearing anything. No crying babies to soil my fresh and cleanness. (at least until I can put some clothes on) It is Really Nice.
This cute little niche is in our hallway. I really like it.
This gem is my 10 year anniversary gift to myself. I had a custom band made to fit my ring. (you know, while I wasn't using it) I Lurve it! I feel like a just got it again and I want to show it to everyone. 
Josh says he likes it too. Lucky, because I am not taking it back.
Too bad it doesn't fit yet.
I squeeze it on sometimes anyway.
Another reason to workout.

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