Thursday, November 1, 2012

No Po Blo Mo

No Blo Po Mo? Or is it Ma? I don't remember. I am sure it is short for something. Anyway, it means one blog post every day in November. Now...can I do it? hmmm.
Today, I am singing praises of a company. I really don't do this often, but they are pretty great.
Who is it you say? Why Paper Coterie.
I heard of them a couple of times and through a few friends. Enough times that I had to go look. I usually go through Snapfish because they have all of my pictures. Then, I saw Paper Coterie. So cute. I am in love with their shaped cards. they also have calendars, planners, journals, memory books. Tons of cool stuff. Did I mention that you can customize everything? Well, you can. Add more pictures, rotate them, add words or backgrounds. I love it! I think I spent 5 hours just trying out different cards and styles.
I made a gorgeous day planner. (That I don't use.) I also ordered some cards from them. If you haven't got yours yet, don't worry, they are coming. And they are beautiful. I can't speak for the pictures (not a photog. here), but the cards are wonderful. They really make me smile. You should go check them out sometime. You could even get 50% off holiday cards, if you hurry. Awesome.
Enter the coupon code HOLIDAYCARDS2012 between now and November 4th and you can order all our great styles for 50% off. 

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